CCTV Catalogue (Include. Installation Services)

We offer the TOP level Of CCTV Systems to our clients.
700Line HD Stand (Higher than 720P)

Plan A. One typical system will include 8 camera heads, 1 Monitor and 1TG Hard-drive. UK market Noraml price will over £1800 (Installed)
We Offer £1500 (£300 off)

Plan B. 4 heads 1 Monitor System will include 500GB Hard-Drive. Special All IN ONE Price £1200 (Installed)

Plan C. Bargain system spcial with 1 Monitor, 320GB Hard-Drive and 3 Heads. £800 (Installed) We won't beat on price! Please call us for more details. (07809153846) Your can also choose DIY (DO IT YOURSELF). Plan C Bargain System will sold for £400 only (without installation).